Friday, 4 May 2012

Ahhhhh ! Finally hehe ~ Long time not update ~
Err , i'm busy and Mid-year Exam is comin next week
OMG ~~
I hope i can do well hehehe ~
And get straight A (8A's) in my Mid-Year Exam = )
Fightinggggg !

Saturday, 17 March 2012


 Holla , kekekekek .
i just stop here for awhile , hehe ,
actually i donno what to write , 
so i just want to say that , 
kyaaaa ,
he so cute and beautiful ,
dont steal him from me -_________-
hehe ,
just kidding .

this is him ,

 beautiful right ? kekekkek ,
i'm jealous of him -____________________-
he's only 16 years old , so i have chance kekekekeekkeekke .
omo , and he just debuted 14 march 2012 in NU'EST 

okay that's for today ...
btw , ILOVEU REN ~~

Friday, 20 January 2012

Err.. actually , erm i very very sad yesterday after i back from school =='
i ask my grandnanny about my MRSM results but 
my grandnanny gave me a sad face then told me 
that i didnt got the MRSM that i dream.. huhu ;'(
then , my nanny said .. 'GO FIND CERTIFICATE AND ALL'
THEN , I WENT TO FIND IT.. then my good friends , 
Aqilah Ainaa .. called me.. she said that she got MRSM , and she knew
that i ddidnt got it.. because she has my password..
after that , i cried :'( and off the phone..

And then , i went to bed and cried hardly until my neighbours heard me 
my nanny comfort me.. but , i cant stop it .. huhu :'(
then , after i had remove all from my heart.. i scream so hardly.. huhu
my nanny said ' go take a bath to relieved' but i didnt ,
so , my nanny took me to the living room and went eating my lunch
so , i went eating with my nanny..
ohh , i felt happy a bit because had my favorite food.. haha
then i okay..

After that , i went to play facbook.. i'm felt better haha XD before that i went
pray , that make me more relax and better haha..
then , after that i watch Princess and the frog movie, and it made me better more haha
after that , in night , my mother went back .. and i saw all my friends that got MRSM , wrote on their status about that.. i felt jealous.. then , my friends talked about MRSM life.. 
i really really sad.. and jealous :'(
then , mu mum went my bed and talked about it.. i felt sad and cried hardly but not as hard as earlier , because i felt shame to my neighbours :'( 

I told my mum about my friends all got MRSM and they talked about MRSM life..
then , i cried.. my mum also felt sad .. and cried
huhu :'( my mum said i will get MRSm one day , and i have to wait , but i dont want to wait , because MRSM call for the second times is in March.. if i wait , i think i will left behind , because all had learn , but me ? oh my~ i really really sad huhu :'( and my mum said didnt look the facebook more or you will sad more huhu
but i didnt off my facebook , and my nanny came..
and i off my facebook and slept..

Early in the morning Saturday(today) , my nanny woke up me , and told me to pray , so i woke up and pray..then , i went to bed again and think about something .. then i felt asleept for awhile
then , my mum woke up me again.. and then , i ate my breaakfast an watched tv.. then i play my facebook again , then my dad called me , he said that ' adik , you want to go to MRSM at Terendak , Melaka ? i said i want , because there are my good friend (hanani) in there .. haha XD i felt very happy hahah , but at the same time i felt sad because it will know in March huhu :'( it is a long time because now , still in January huhu :'( i hope it will know faster and not in March.. if in February , i think i can wait
haha.. then , my lovely aunt came to just now , and gave me some advice to not cry , feel bad,
sad.. huhu.. but , i dont know why , suddenly a tears running down my cheeks

ok , that's all my story .. i hope i will get MRSM and i hope too people who read my blog.. pray for me to get MRSM.. ok , for people who is pray for me.. i really really want to say tank you to you :D


Saturday, 19 November 2011

SS4 Tracklist : )

VCR Underwater ^_^
1. Superman
2. Opera
3. Twins (Knock Out)
4. A Man In Love remix VCR
5. Bonamana remix 1st Ment 'Intro'
6. You're My Endless Love
7. Opps! ft. F(x) (VCR with Heechul rap)
8. Wonder Boys
9. Rokkugo  (VCR in New York)
10. Walkin'
11. Henry solo 'Baby by Justin Bieber' ft. F(x) Amber
12. Dance + Rap (Euhyuk solo)
13. Sungmin solo
14. Isnt She Lovely (Kyuhyun solo)
15. Moves Like Jagger (Ryeowook solo)
16. S he (Leeteuk solo)
17. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star remix (Shindong solo) VCR  (High School)
18. Good Friends
19. Pajama Party VCR (Playing Hockey)
20. Feels Good
21. Perfection korean  ver.
22. A-CHA VCR (Naked)
23. MR. Simple
24. Dont don
25.Because Of You (Zhou mi solo)
26. Kiss Me Darling (Yesung solo)
27. Your Grace is Enough ft. 3rd Wave (Siwon solo)
28. Oppa Eunhyuk ft. Donghae
29. Storm (KRYDS)
30. Y
31. Lovely Day (Acapella ver)
32. You & I
33. Our Love (with VCR from debut) *VCR The Sound of Super Junior
34. The sound of music 'Do Re Mi Fa'
35. White Christmas
36. Dancing Out (Encore part)
37. U
38. Sorry Sorry
39. Miracle
40. Destiny korean version (with Zhou mi and Henry)

             oh no!!! SS4SEOUL( supershow4 at seoul)
suju perfomance many songs...
bestnyer kalo dpt tgk secare terang terangan,depan depangan
huhuhu,sobsobsob :(

gamba suju perfomance lagoo mereke~

kyuhyun solo perform....`^_^

donghae and eunhyuk disco dance o.O
donghae(red), eunhyuk(yellow)

 A_CHA perfomance..

pajama party : )

Donghae: Charlie Chaplin
Kyuhyun: Steve Jobs
Yesung: Chucky
Siwon: Superman
Ryeowook: Gollum
Sungmin: Marilyn Monroe

#hahahahahaha :3

hahaha! forgot what song is this hehe^^

Good Friends  : )

mr simple : )
p/s: has a new dance step * i wnt to see it
# gettin' screamin' now

onew,sunny,minho and taeyeon at SS4

#snsd yoona,taeyeon,sunny; all shinee; mblaq seungho, MIR

place of SHINee seat at SS4 :-

Monday, 11 July 2011

love personal taste so much!

citer nih best giler! tiap arie isnin until jumaat pukul 8:30until 9:30
but mlm nih x leh nk tengok,sorry son ye jin and lee min ho sbb
x dpt tengok cite nih mlm sbb gi tuisyen but tuisyen lagy penting nnty nk UPSR and
esok nk percubaan~bye dear! i<3 you so very much!
                                                         cantiknyr son ye jin~
                                            this cite mmng best giler!x bole lpaskan sbb best sgt x bole tahan nk ckp

                                                    cantiknye son ye jin and handsome lee min ho!