Friday, 20 January 2012

Err.. actually , erm i very very sad yesterday after i back from school =='
i ask my grandnanny about my MRSM results but 
my grandnanny gave me a sad face then told me 
that i didnt got the MRSM that i dream.. huhu ;'(
then , my nanny said .. 'GO FIND CERTIFICATE AND ALL'
THEN , I WENT TO FIND IT.. then my good friends , 
Aqilah Ainaa .. called me.. she said that she got MRSM , and she knew
that i ddidnt got it.. because she has my password..
after that , i cried :'( and off the phone..

And then , i went to bed and cried hardly until my neighbours heard me 
my nanny comfort me.. but , i cant stop it .. huhu :'(
then , after i had remove all from my heart.. i scream so hardly.. huhu
my nanny said ' go take a bath to relieved' but i didnt ,
so , my nanny took me to the living room and went eating my lunch
so , i went eating with my nanny..
ohh , i felt happy a bit because had my favorite food.. haha
then i okay..

After that , i went to play facbook.. i'm felt better haha XD before that i went
pray , that make me more relax and better haha..
then , after that i watch Princess and the frog movie, and it made me better more haha
after that , in night , my mother went back .. and i saw all my friends that got MRSM , wrote on their status about that.. i felt jealous.. then , my friends talked about MRSM life.. 
i really really sad.. and jealous :'(
then , mu mum went my bed and talked about it.. i felt sad and cried hardly but not as hard as earlier , because i felt shame to my neighbours :'( 

I told my mum about my friends all got MRSM and they talked about MRSM life..
then , i cried.. my mum also felt sad .. and cried
huhu :'( my mum said i will get MRSm one day , and i have to wait , but i dont want to wait , because MRSM call for the second times is in March.. if i wait , i think i will left behind , because all had learn , but me ? oh my~ i really really sad huhu :'( and my mum said didnt look the facebook more or you will sad more huhu
but i didnt off my facebook , and my nanny came..
and i off my facebook and slept..

Early in the morning Saturday(today) , my nanny woke up me , and told me to pray , so i woke up and pray..then , i went to bed again and think about something .. then i felt asleept for awhile
then , my mum woke up me again.. and then , i ate my breaakfast an watched tv.. then i play my facebook again , then my dad called me , he said that ' adik , you want to go to MRSM at Terendak , Melaka ? i said i want , because there are my good friend (hanani) in there .. haha XD i felt very happy hahah , but at the same time i felt sad because it will know in March huhu :'( it is a long time because now , still in January huhu :'( i hope it will know faster and not in March.. if in February , i think i can wait
haha.. then , my lovely aunt came to just now , and gave me some advice to not cry , feel bad,
sad.. huhu.. but , i dont know why , suddenly a tears running down my cheeks

ok , that's all my story .. i hope i will get MRSM and i hope too people who read my blog.. pray for me to get MRSM.. ok , for people who is pray for me.. i really really want to say tank you to you :D


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